Things are never what they seem from the outside. We are so prone to comparing ourselves to those around us. Often we make assumptions about the paths of others. Further, we make those assumptions mean something about ourselves – that we are less than for not being where they are now. When in reality, we have no concept of how they came to this place.
This morning, I attended a breakfast for mentoring students in my home town. As a result, I heard stories by many communitee members who have achieved great success. They spoke of starting small, often with little money or other resources, and just taking one step at a time. They spoke of believing in their own value enough to take the leap.
In other words, faith. 
Faith is a challenging word for many of us. Our world has become so secular, that faith is almost seen as the antithesis to knowledge. I myself often viewed it this way – as something unproven and therefore without value.
However, I am constantly learning that change requires faith. It requires leaving what you know. It requires believing you have the skills to handle the unknown. It means believing that you can make an idea into something real. It requires trust in yourself and in others. It is fucking terrifying.
We are so inclined to look outside ourselves, to see what others are doing, to see how things need to be done. There is great value in learning from others. But as I learned this morning, the true test is each person making the decision to act, and having faith that they can figure the rest out.
So lovely, whatever the challenge you are considering, love yourself enough to try.

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