My Addict once old me they drank as a reward for working so hard. That they would push through anything, because they were entitled to a drink at the end of it.
Indeed this person deserved a reward for working. They worked 2 jobs, countless hours, in the middle of the night, in terrible places, doing difficult things.
I understand the reasoning. Further, I understand that in some ways, the virtue caused the vice.
Now I realize there are points to argue on many other issues here. However, the point I wish to make today is this- sometimes good people doing the best they can, use vices as a means to cope. To some extent we all do this. We all want to come home to a glass of wine, or buy ourselves something nice for a job well done. Except sometimes things get messy.
We want everything to be like it is in Hollywood. This person is bad. That person is good. But real life doesn’t work that way.
My Addict has an incredible capacity to drive themselves. Their work ethic, enginuity, ambition, are all truly incredible. This person did so many things right. But they achieved these things at the expense of their own physical and mental health. This ultimately crept into the treatment of those around them. They became what they became not because they are evil, or inherently flawed. They were doing the best they could, they chose a poor way to cope, and things got messy.
This is the problem with us. We are not watertight vessels. We cannot contain the harm we cause ourselves, to ourselves.
So often our virtue to a fault, is the seed of our vices. 

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