The world is full of big, scary and seemingly insurmountable problems. When we face them alone, we can feel helpless.
I see this with the environment. When I talk to people around me, they often say ‘I’m so worried but there is nothing I can do by myself.’
But that is all we have. That is all we are. 
Someone else’s job
Often, many will follow up by saying ‘the government has to deal with it.’
As citizens we are the state. We are what governs. Rousseau spoke of this in ‘The Social Contract.’ The sovereign is the people. Not a prime minister or a monarch. But if the people will not lead, or make choices, or raise their voices, then the state becomes just those who do. 
When we exclude ourselves from the process of our world- we are turning away our responsibility. 
Yes, you are one person. But so is everyone else. The notion that you are exempt from creating social change or from doing the work that needs to be done is absurd. 
Individuals form community
This is another place where community is key. Perhaps you cannot end hunger alone. But if you find enough individuals to help, you can. 
I see this everyday. A food bank starts a food drive, next a breakfast program, the volunteers realize the kids need food over the weekend. They develop a program to send food home with kids. 
This is how we make change. Not alone. By helping to carry the small piece that is yours. 
The Social Contract Book Cover The Social Contract
Jean-Jacques Rousseau

This is a basic text on the foundation of the state. It's fundamental premise is that individuals form the sovereign. From this it goes into further details about the particulars of how such a state would run. 

As with all important books, it is controversial. The exact reason you should read it, and make your own determination. 

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