Are you a survivor of emotional abuse?

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

  • You feel stuck in indecision,
  • You do for everyone else before yourself,
  • Anxiety and exhaustion always seem to show up,
  • You want change, but you struggle to create it,
  • You feel guilty and obligated,
  • Somehow your goals and dreams are always at the bottom of the list,
  • You struggle with your relationship to food,
  • You have difficulties connecting with your body,
  • At times you have no idea what you want.

Abuse and codependency create ripples that deeply impact our lives. We struggle with many challenges regarding our relationships to others, food, sex, money and alcohol. We struggle with anxiety, nightmares and PTSD. All of these impact our ability to know ourselves, and to build a happy productive live.

You can learn how to manage these challenges. I have spent years uncovering the connections between emotional abuse and codependency and the problems we face in processing, relationship building and coping.

In one on one coaching, we work together to build an action plan to create radical and meaningful change. Our relationship is collaborative and results driven based on the unique needs of your life and the life you want to build.

Reach out at You don’t have to do this alone.